Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not enough sleep the night before. Not enough sleep last night either. These summer hours--7:30 to 4:30--are killing me.

After work, rode to the studio. Saw Teddy and Christopher Lew. They left and I worked on a drawing for a bit and then rode into Greenpoint to meet Haroula at the Pencil Factory and then walked over to Coco 68 for dinner. A mash up of food--a dozen oysters, pizza, caprese salad and a bottle of white bordeaux. An old boyfriend of Haroula's met us there and we sat and talked and drank until midnight. At that point, I had to peel off and head home. Quick uneventful ride home, quick shower to sluice off the dirt and sweat . . . but I just wasn't sleepy. So I sat and rotted my brain with tv until 1:30 or so before falling into bed. Up early. So damn tired.

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