Monday, July 13, 2009

Yeah, I know. Another photo of sunset from the studio roof. But it's different this time because it's Manhattanhenge. (The phrase was coined by this jerk. Planet killer.) (I'm kidding. He's not that bad. He's just a relentless media whore.) I've known about this phenomenon for a few years now but I never seemed to catch it. Actually, that's not quiet true. I caught it at the end of May but didn't really understand what I was looking so I didn't take a photo. Last night, however, I figured it out while having a few on the roof and caught it. Now I'll never have to think about it again. Thank God. This is probably the last time I'll be able to see it from the roof--developers have politely enough began erecting a building that, when finished, will block our view down 42nd Street. Nicely done, sirs.

I did a little work in the studio yesterday afternoon. Worked on a drawing for a bit, cleaned up and pulled out the sketchbook. The photo is about eight years worth of sketchbooks: the big ones are studio books and the small ones are the books that I carry with me at all times. I got out and met Hester for the 4:30 screening of Alien yesterday at the Film Forum. It was fucking awesome. Ridley Scott does a fantastic, subversive job of co-opting much of the Star Wars look--the long shots of huge, plodding ships, the clean white interiors, the "navigational" computer graphics which looked almost identical to the graphics shown in SW as the Death Star approaches the rebel base--and sullying it with blood and guts and slime and horror. It was a good audience, too, with lots of people flipping out and jumping in their seats. We snuck in a few beers to that didn't hurt either.

After the movie, we grabbed dinner at the Noodle Bar on Carmine. I got the roasted duck noodle soup, Hester got the Singapore noodles with shrimp and we split the calamari. And we had a Singhas. We split and I went back to the studio just in time to catch the sun going down.

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