Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So. Usual routine. Work, home for a quick nap and light dinner, then on the bike over to Gantry Plaza for some reading (Growth of the Soil still but Gibson's Neuromancer came in the mail yesterday); from there, studio. Drop the bike off, grab the camping chair and head straight to the roof for 30 minutes or so. Then back down to work on and finish the Silas drawing. (Well, not really a drawing so much just a study.)

It's funny that Growth of the Soil showed up again this time. (I was all out of new books and--when that happens, I'll grab an old favorite and tear through it--Growth of the Soil was one I haven't revisited since 2001 or so.) The whole idea of maybe (maybe maybe maybe) (maybe) doing a book around the theme of homesteading fits in perfectly the theme of Growth. Old sturdy Isak heading out into the Norwegian wilderness to build a life from scratch.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Woke up with not quite a hangover Sunday morning but just an intense bodily awareness that I'd consumed too much gin the night before. I distinctly felt out of phase with everything with my consciousness hovering about six inches above the top of my head. So. It was a slow morning. I walked around the corner to the theater and saw the matinee of District 9. Excellent movie overall. However, it because a little to buddy-movie / exploding action adventure for during the final 30 minutes. But, ultimately, totally worth the time and money.

Over to Gantry Plaza for a read (The Growth of the Soil--on of my favorites and this is probably my four or fifth time with the book) and a picnic of one. Then over to the studio to work on a few technique things. Not even really making an effort at a completed drawing. Just . . . stuff. I've been going back through the original AD&D books and checking out the graphic work of David Trampier. That guy really had some chops--very inventive line maker, clearly pulling a lot of influence from people like Dore and other 19c. engravers. At some point I've got to stop dicking around and start making actual drawings.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ah, the black dogs of August are after me. In my yearly end-of-summer funk. Just trying to keep myself busy and not think too much . . . and that translates into not writing too much. It'll pass. It always does.

Out of work early yesterday--summer Friday--and home for a few episodes of Mad Men. (Eh. I like it but I want to like it more. I feel like it's got that kind of neat, overly precious quality that network dramas have. It seems to want to deal with Important Social Issues.) I checked the weather--big line of storms in the middle of NJ and they're heading our way. So I gathered up my stuff and rode over to Gantry Plaza State Park to watch them roll in. Man, it was hot. Humid, hot, bleary white sun in the haze. I sat and sweated for a half an hour or so until some tattered clouds covered the sun. Then I rode over to the deli and picked up a few bottle of seltzer and a granny smith. Then to the liquor store to get a bottle of gin for the studio, then to the studio itself.

On the ground floor, I ran into the super, Nelson, and I could tell he was the better part of a six pack into the weekend. He was helping new tenants move into the 3rd floor which has been vacated by the Cooper Union kids. Up to the studio to drop off the bike then up on the roof to watching this storm unroll. Good solid squall line. It seemed to split and run to the north and south--Brooklyn was black with rain and thunder banged away in the Bronx but only a few bursts of rain fell on the roof and I could actually see blue sky and sun-rimmed clouds directly above. So I retreated to the studio for a few podcasts and a stab at drawing. (Sketchbook only--drawing is excruciating lately. I've got to stop being such a pussy and just get to work. Those drawings aren't going to draw themselves.) Then over for Friday night yoga with Dreamy Megan. Then back for a change of clothes. Rode home along Skillman, showered, and finished up with Mad Men and started Oldboy. Only got through about 20 minutes before I started nodding off. So bed. Nine hours of solid sleep.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shit. I thought today was the five year anniversary of my arrival in New York so I waited until today to post something about it. But it turns out that it was five years ago yesterday. You can read about my triumphant arrival here.

So happy anniversary to you, New York. Five years of humiliation, frustration, untenable situations, bad dates and the neverending smell of pee. Oh, and I guess some good stuff happened, too, but I'm not one to dwell on that.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Up at 6:30 this morning. Yesterday, I took a quick ride over to the studio before work to drop off the rent check, the bike and a few other things and was completely energized by the experience. I haven't really taken an early morning bike ride since my Chicago days when I rode to and from work every day. So--with yesterday's energetization in mind--I got out of the apartment at 7:30 and went over the QB bridge and into Central Park. I got about halfway around the park before I cut over on a street in the 100s and hit some road--I want to say Riverside Drive but I'm probably wrong. Took Whatever Street to the George Washington Bridge and rode across to Jersey. (See photos--one from Manhattan, one from Jersey, one from the middle of the bridge looking south.) Had a quick sit in one of section of Palisades Park and then headed back over the bridge. Up to the very northern tip of Manhattan where I had another quick sit on the Hudson. Gave Daniella a call--she lives in the neighborhood--and she was kind enough to meet me for breakfast (it was only 9 am or so.) After a spinach and three cheese omelet (me) and French toast (Daniella), we stopped by her apartment and she picked up her bike. We then both whipped down to 96th along the bike path near the Hudson. We headed into the city where she dropped off her bike. Then we walked over to Central Park (again) along 102nd and she ran the loop while I paced her on the bike. I split off on E. 72nd and made it back to the QB Bridge and back home. Shower, nap, wine and two movies.