Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ah, the black dogs of August are after me. In my yearly end-of-summer funk. Just trying to keep myself busy and not think too much . . . and that translates into not writing too much. It'll pass. It always does.

Out of work early yesterday--summer Friday--and home for a few episodes of Mad Men. (Eh. I like it but I want to like it more. I feel like it's got that kind of neat, overly precious quality that network dramas have. It seems to want to deal with Important Social Issues.) I checked the weather--big line of storms in the middle of NJ and they're heading our way. So I gathered up my stuff and rode over to Gantry Plaza State Park to watch them roll in. Man, it was hot. Humid, hot, bleary white sun in the haze. I sat and sweated for a half an hour or so until some tattered clouds covered the sun. Then I rode over to the deli and picked up a few bottle of seltzer and a granny smith. Then to the liquor store to get a bottle of gin for the studio, then to the studio itself.

On the ground floor, I ran into the super, Nelson, and I could tell he was the better part of a six pack into the weekend. He was helping new tenants move into the 3rd floor which has been vacated by the Cooper Union kids. Up to the studio to drop off the bike then up on the roof to watching this storm unroll. Good solid squall line. It seemed to split and run to the north and south--Brooklyn was black with rain and thunder banged away in the Bronx but only a few bursts of rain fell on the roof and I could actually see blue sky and sun-rimmed clouds directly above. So I retreated to the studio for a few podcasts and a stab at drawing. (Sketchbook only--drawing is excruciating lately. I've got to stop being such a pussy and just get to work. Those drawings aren't going to draw themselves.) Then over for Friday night yoga with Dreamy Megan. Then back for a change of clothes. Rode home along Skillman, showered, and finished up with Mad Men and started Oldboy. Only got through about 20 minutes before I started nodding off. So bed. Nine hours of solid sleep.

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