Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So. Usual routine. Work, home for a quick nap and light dinner, then on the bike over to Gantry Plaza for some reading (Growth of the Soil still but Gibson's Neuromancer came in the mail yesterday); from there, studio. Drop the bike off, grab the camping chair and head straight to the roof for 30 minutes or so. Then back down to work on and finish the Silas drawing. (Well, not really a drawing so much just a study.)

It's funny that Growth of the Soil showed up again this time. (I was all out of new books and--when that happens, I'll grab an old favorite and tear through it--Growth of the Soil was one I haven't revisited since 2001 or so.) The whole idea of maybe (maybe maybe maybe) (maybe) doing a book around the theme of homesteading fits in perfectly the theme of Growth. Old sturdy Isak heading out into the Norwegian wilderness to build a life from scratch.

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