Monday, August 24, 2009

Woke up with not quite a hangover Sunday morning but just an intense bodily awareness that I'd consumed too much gin the night before. I distinctly felt out of phase with everything with my consciousness hovering about six inches above the top of my head. So. It was a slow morning. I walked around the corner to the theater and saw the matinee of District 9. Excellent movie overall. However, it because a little to buddy-movie / exploding action adventure for during the final 30 minutes. But, ultimately, totally worth the time and money.

Over to Gantry Plaza for a read (The Growth of the Soil--on of my favorites and this is probably my four or fifth time with the book) and a picnic of one. Then over to the studio to work on a few technique things. Not even really making an effort at a completed drawing. Just . . . stuff. I've been going back through the original AD&D books and checking out the graphic work of David Trampier. That guy really had some chops--very inventive line maker, clearly pulling a lot of influence from people like Dore and other 19c. engravers. At some point I've got to stop dicking around and start making actual drawings.

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Calista said...

Hi guess what I am drinking gin right now. Also, we need to get together soon and talk about words and pictures some more.

Also, the verifier word that tells you I'm not a spambot is "butenal."