Saturday, September 05, 2009

I found the quote below while poking around in old sketchbooks this afternoon. I think I got this quote from a Dada exhibition at the Neue Gallerie back in early 2005 or so. Nope, sorry. I just looked it up. I was an exhibition of German humor art called Comic Grotesque: Wit and Mockery in German Art, 1870—1940. (As I recall, German "humor" art wasn't particularly funny.) Anyway, here's the quote . . .

In such cases, crying is in essence only a clumsy, amateurish, childish form of laughing: infants cry before the smile and laugh; laughing, even bitter laughing, requires more maturity than crying, which will, one hopes, soon be considered an atavism. And the goal will be to free laughing of any gall and learn to transform, bee-like, the gall into honey.

Makers of grotesques take the whip to everything humans hold sacred in order to replace it, at lease invisibly, with the divine.

--Salomo Friedlaender (aka Mynona)

Usual routine today. Up early, over to Gantry Plaza to read for a few hours. I left, got some sushi, a minneola and few peanut butter cookies, came back and self-picnicked. Then over to the studio to pick at a few things and watch the sun go down on the roof. Like I said, usual routine.

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