Thursday, September 10, 2009

I managed to take a photo of the last drawing (An Evening Glass of Cheer) when it was still under control. You can look at the incoherent finished drawing here.

Yesterday, I walked over to the studio during my lunch break. As I approached the corner of Jackson Avenue and Queens Boulevard in Queensboro Plaza, two (what I assumed to be) unmarked cop cars--with red flashers on the dashboard and even that little suction cup flasher thing you put on the roof--pulled up in front of a parked cab. Four guys wearing yamulkas and business casual leaped out and headed over to the cab. A few seconds later, a fluorescent yellow Hatzolah ambulance pulled in behind the faux-cop cars. (I can't really find a photo of one but this and this allow some idea. Fill in the blanks with your brains, squires.) As I got up on the cab, I saw an obviously Orthodox lady standing to the side of the cab--long gray skirt, black sweater, sting of pearls, wig. She was young, talking into her cellphone while gently rolling back and forth a monster double stroller with chockfull of kids. The rear passenger-side door of the cab was open; I could see just the legs (thick gray hose, sensible shoes, hem of a gray skirt) of a women kneeling into the cab--kind of like she was praying on the backseat of the cab. She was kneeling on a pink-and-white blanket. The car door hid the rest of her form so I couldn't tell what else was going on. The paramedics spent a few minutes arguing about the best way to maneuver the stretcher (is that the right word? that cart on wheels?) over to the side of the cab. And then the light changed and I went on about my business.

(I was confused about this whole incident until I googled "hasidic ambulance service nyc" and found the Hatzolah entry on Wikipedia. It's sometimes startling how much information we've got at our fingertips now. Ten years ago, I just would've wondered about that incident and that shrugged it off. Now I just wonder, shrug it off, and then google the fuck out of it the next day.)

Anyway, I was at the studio to drop off a few drawings and a six-foot straight edge ruler, and pick up a few pens to take with my on my SF trip. I'm packing heavy for the twelve hour, round trip flight--some drawings supplies, two books and a magazine, a dozen podcasts and the all of the new episodes for Mad Men. I picked up lunch at the Oh So Good! Deli (kim bap) and has a slug of gin mixed in with some seltzer for dessert. Then back to the office.

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