Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm huge in China. Fucking huge. An massive, unstoppable, pre-historic Godzilla-like force rampaging my way across the art scene in China. Wait, Godzilla was Japanese, right? Fuck. My analogy falls apart.

Okay, bear with me here. Imagine that I am some kind of Chinese version of Godzilla--only think of me as the American version of the Chinese version of Godzilla--rampaging my way across the art scene in China. You know, stopping on the little plastic tanks of irony, melting the little trains of pomposity with my atomic breath, and fighting to the death the King Ghidorah of Profoundly Uninteresting, Text-Based Conceptual Art. Can you imagine all of that? Good. Because that's me. Beebezilla. Godbeebe. Either/or.

So back in the spring, I spent an afternoon with CYJO (aka Cindy Hwang), a photographer and journalist. She shot some images at P.S. 1 and interviewed me. She then accepted an invitation to visit the studio proper as it's only a five minute walk from P.S. 1. Most of the images in the article are studio shots, plus the Ape Machine drawings. (I'm getting a lot of milage out of that work, aren't I? Time to make some new drawings.) She just sent me the results this morning. (You can read the original English interview here.)


J. Wesley Brown said...

Congratufuckinlations. You had stuff in PS1? Oh, my.

beebe said...

Thanks, man. Yeah, a long while back. Early 2006.

Kimiko said...

That is quite a spread! Do you have a translated version?