Monday, October 26, 2009

Okay. I'm going to try to draw an sixty minutes a day. Regardless of whether or not I'm in the studio, I'm putting in my hour. I realize that I've got to tackle a lot of technical questions/problems. Drawing frequently, daily, intensively is the only way I'm going to get anywhere. I'm carrying everywhere with me a little ziplock bag with a few dozen Micron pens, a few Derwent 4H pencils (by far my favorite pencil) and a kneaded eraser (brand irrelevant.) (I'm open for corporate sponsorship. Ahem.) I'm trying to work out some kind of graphic style that isn't just piling on the crosshatching mush, something that allows the lines to be part of the overall design similar to the style Dore's engravings, and the technique of million other anonymous 19th c. engravers and draughtsmen.

This is an unfinished sketch of the Neverdusk story (which I should probably just call Neverdone.) I'm really bad at this single panel stuff. Anyway, this drawing fell to crap--I started inking in the thing before I'd really decided on the overall composition; the inking to me unearthed old memories of bad art and that was enough to make me quit. Back in the early 1980s, there were numerous companies that started publishing supplementary/competing materials for D&D (Palladium Games comes instantly to mind). These materials were defined by their copyright-evading nomenclature (Hits-to-Kill instead of Hit Points, Protection Rating instead of Armor Class, and so on) and by their mostly lame illustrations. Generally, proportions and anatomy tended to be slightly off (I remember a drawing where the warrior had two left hands) and the inking was clumsy--admittedly, these were simple spot illustrations but the hatching and line work did little to define form or a create a sense of depth. Clunky, clumsy, the work of enthusiastic amateurs. I'm inking certainly crept into that territory. It was enough to make me stop. I am a quitter.

(Let's see how long this project lasts.)

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Christine S. Kim said...

i think i should do the same thing.... sorta like praying for an hour every day