Sunday, August 01, 2010

Copper Palanquin 08.01.10


John Evans said...

Why did you draw them all the way up there? Do you have a master plan, or do you just plan to fill in the intervening space as you get inspired to?

beebe said...

This is the way I draw. I put something down on the paper and then the rest of the drawing tends to spiral out from that. I almost never have a plan for any particular drawing. The theme becomes manifest as I work . . . about halfway through the drawing, I'll start to understand what it's about.

So the Queen of the Vast Nonsense (her name is Sometime Girlfriend) and her daughter (unnamed as of yet) at sitting up high on a throne. Under the throne is a cistern containing a small number of the other rulers that are under her (SGF's) sway. The whole palanquin is a kind of self-indulgent pageant for SGF's subjects, to show her might and power.

(God, I can't believe how nerdy that sounds when I write it all down. Sound much more reasonable when it's bouncing around in my head.)

John Evans said...

Nah, I think it's cool. :D