Saturday, September 11, 2010

Copper Palanquin 09.10.10 (Gesseritgrass)

The name of the blooming foliage? Gesseritgrass.

So I'm out of work now. I was given a two weeks notice a while back. Yesterday was my last day. I'm anxious about the money, of course, but glad to have my time back. I feel like I haven't had any decent amount of free time since I moved here in 2004. First it was school and work . . . then after graduation it was work, fixing up the studio and looking for another job. When I got the job with Disney it was work and studio, then work-with-a-three-hour-daily-commute-to-White-Plains and studio. Then I got this last job which was, locationally, pretty sweet: I walked to work every day, 10 minutes from door-to-door. But, still, it was full time and the studio is always nagging at me. Not going to the studio produces a level of anxiety that's akin to leaving the house knowing you're left all of the stove's burners on high with nothing cooking. This approach would be fine if I somehow had some kind of financial stake at hand in the studio--or even some kind of show coming up--but I'm just going in based on compulsion at this point. I'm not sure that's always the healthiest thing.

Anyway, I'm blathering. I'm hoping to get into the studio early on most days before my brain gets all junked up and spend the afternoons/evening just hanging out. The schedule I've kept up since starting this drawing has meant I've had to turn down a lot of socializing. Perhaps I can climb out of my hermit cave occasionally. Of course, papa does love his hermiting.

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