Friday, September 10, 2010

Sunset from Sacre Coeur

So this was my last non-traveling-back-to-the-States day in Paris. It rained all day. I'd been up to Sacre Coeur earlier in the morning but it was slick, damp and drizzly. I didn't have any coins to gain access to the top of the dome and none of the shops around there would break my 50 Euro bill. So I left and walked to Centre Pompidou. It continued drizzle and rain for the rest of the day so, after Pomp, I decided to reign in my plans, get some food and a bottle of wine and make dinner at the apartment. Maybe I'd go out for a post-dinner perambulation? Who knows. You can't stop me. I made dinner (a small steak with some green beans, some stink-ass reblochon de savoie and a still-warm baguette) and drank half the bottle of wine. The apartment was on the six floor and it faces west so to the view was decent. After dinner I looked out the window and saw a clear-sky gap between the edge of the clouds and rooftops--the sun was still behind the clouds but I could tell that it would come erupting out in about 15-20 minutes. So I grabbed my stuff, ran down to the street and over to the nearest Metro. Metro to the closest Montmarte stop and then I sprinted up the hill to the stairs (exhausting) of Sacre Coeur. Just in time to watch the sun go apeshit.

If you look closely at the center of the image, there is a lamp post that just break the horizon. Directly to the right of that lamp post is a stubby, truncated rainbow.

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