Friday, October 22, 2010

Final: Kingdom of Sizzlehead and a Beshkar Clan (Mondegreen)

As I'm starting to write down the various histories and relationships that go along with these flags, I'm wondering if I should start a whole other blog to dedicated solely to the history of Refractoria. Maybe I will. But I probably won't. In any case, I've added a back-dated post that is just for the finished map. It contains details for most areas of the map.

The isolated Kingdom of Sizzlehead is located on a blunt peninsula jutting into the Oldest Ocean. King Sizzlehead--a diminutive, almost leprechaunish character--rules from the Raw Hematite Throne located in the begrimed capitol city of Red Mudge. His Royal Sizz controls mostly through bombast and a furious capacity for convincing his (few) subjects that he is far more powerful than he is in actuality. King Sizzlehead has spent enormous time and expense trying to exploit the natural resources of the Thoughtless Exquisites but has been largely unsuccessful in pulling anything useful from the gray hills. Sizzlehead's noisily empty entreaties are largely ignored by the surrounding powers and, hence, diplomatic contacts are scarce. Exports: porkchop bones, cigarette butts, improbable tales and righteous indignation.

Beshkar Clan: Mondegreen. Little is known about the numerous Beshkar clans that roam the rolling steppes below the Perpetual Wound. Indeed, little is known of the Beshkar clan's rivals, the brutal Sulligis clans. To undiscerning parties, these collective warring clans are known as the Horned Rovers. Occasionally, a powerful hetman will rise to power and unite the various Beshkar and Sulligis clans into a seething, murderous horde which will then sweep down through the Marauder's Hallway (a pass in the Quote Mountains) in an attempt to pillage the languorous, opium-dulled lands to the south. The Horned horde is only kept in check by the iron-willed ranks of the Protectorship of Inphala. Exports: brutality, indifference.

This flag is a reproduction constructed by Mondegreen, one of the few Beshkarans to break with his bloodthirsty kin and enter into a delicate sojourn with civilization. Mondegreen has also related that each clan is lead by a strange hybrid creature referred to as an "uncle." These uncles do not engage directly in war-like pursuits of the clans but instead fulfill a role that is closer to clan advisor or historian, and are rumored to possess mildly-prescient oracular abilities. In addition, Mondegreen suggests that the lifespan of an uncle can span several centuries.

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