Friday, October 22, 2010

Final: Knights of the Perpetual Wound & Sisterhood of the Bruisers

I finally started work on the big grid of flags/standards. The top photo shows the progress from a distance and I've thrown in a few details.

The Knights of Perpetual Wound are comprised of dozens of high-minded cavaliers recruited from all over Refractoria. The Knights are unwaveringly dedicated to lowering themselves down into The Perpetual Wound and conquering whatever horrors live within the enormous chasm. Of course, not one knight has returned from The Wound but this has yet to dampen their fervor. The KotPW gather en masse and debark from the city of Pajan which lies only a dozen or so leagues from the southern most lip of the Wound. The Brown Wizards of Pajan--who rule the aforementioned city and the surrounding territory--delight in offering board and selling goods at greatly inflated prices to these one-time-only clients. (Incidentally, I blatantly ripped off this design from the cover of Jeff Parker/Steve Lieber's Underground. Go buy a copy.)

Sisterhood of the Bruisers is located on the western coast of Persistent Material, north of the lands of the Nine Dreamt Cities. They frequently stage attacks on both the Cities and The Estate. The Bruisers are a country of large, bone-cracking amazon she-wimmen. They have a highly developed culture of baking and other domestic crafts--woven, knitted and crocheted goods, craftbooking, collaging, decoupage, faux taxidermy, etc.; the Bruisers trade these latter items for gold, liquor and tobacco on

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