Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Indiana and Chicago

I've been in Indiana and Chicago for a bit. I'm back now. I predict more studio pictures in the next twenty four hours.

Indiana: time mostly spent with mom though I did take a trip down to Clifty Falls State Park in Madison, IN to spread the ashes of my dog T. From 1990-95, I lived in Indianapolis, smoked a lot of pot, wrote a lot of bad poetry, listened to music and worked and went to school (both part-time, of course.) Obviously, this isn't a healthy lifestyle for anyone so T and I started heading down to southern Indiana together looking for decent parks, trying to get a little sun and a little exercise. Clifty Falls--a 90-minute-to-four-hour trip from Indianapolis depending of the roads you take--was probably the best spot T and I found. Over the years, we went down there nine or ten times, even after we moved to Chicago. I felt it would be a good final resting place for Her Royal Fatty. (That's a picture of her ashes floating down the anemic, droughted-up stream that runs through the park.)

Chicago: spent two days with Marlene and two with Leah. Rode a borrowed bike around a lot, lingered on the roof deck during the sunsets and basked in the Indian Summer. Went to the Shedd Aquarium during my final hours in Chicago. (My latest thought: venues like the Shedd or the Natural History Museum here enact a policy like public pools do and have an "adult swim" for the spaces so people like me can get a chance to view the exhibits without little, screeching sugar-fueled snotbombs (aka children) getting in the way.) The flight back was uneventful except for this view from the window. I'm pretty sure it's the Belt of Venus phenomenon but without the upper band of pink light. Maybe because there is less atmosphere to pass though at that height? What do I look like, an astronomer? Get off my back.

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