Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chicago 05.19.11 (The outline of the Vanessa Perplexity)

I've inked in about half of the buildings. Mmm, let's say 45%. I don't want to be too generous to myself.

That blank space in the center of the buildings is a mysterious, tectonic phenomenon called the Vanessa Perplexity. Some sages theorize that this slowly spreading, chasm-like formation is similar--if not related to--the Perpetual Wound which has almost sundered in two the barbaric, windy steppes of the Coarse Lands. A small, exploratory corps from the Knights of the Perpetual Wound has recently arrived in Chicago to begin a preliminary assessment of cause and depths of the Perplexity. The ruling Druids of Chicagoland eagerly await the measured opinion of these brave, spelunking paladins.

(See, this all fits together somehow.)

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