Saturday, August 06, 2011

Chicago 08.05.11

The lakefront is finished. I'm randomly jumping around the street grid--I'll pick a few blocks to work on, complete them and then move to different section of the map; as a result, I've lost all track of what I've photographed and posted here. Everything is kind of a mush with this drawing.

I've written a brief, utterly fictional history of Chicago to accompany this utterly fictional (but mostly autobiographical) map of Chicago. This history deals with the founding of Chicago, it's early development and events leading up to the invasion of Chicago by legions of the Vast Nonsense AND the creation of the Vanessa Perplexity. The plan--once this history gets proofread by someone with more grammatical-smarts than me--is to hand-letter the history in the part of the blank space at the bottom of the drawing. The rest of that blank space will then be filled by a an enumerated list of the notable buildings of Chicago (a la the Indianapolis map.)

(The little fella at the bottom of the map is Caiphus Algannor, the leader of the original 13 Druids of Chicagoland.)

I can see the end of this drawing. I have to start thinking about the next thing.

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