Tuesday, December 27, 2011

662 Driggs: Henry Miller

I'm having a hard time in the studio these days. Part of it is simple burnout from coming in 7 days a week for weeks at a time since Sept 2010. Part of it is a simple dislike of the drawing I'm working on--the Fastness drawing is a map in the classic AD&D graph paper manner and it doesn't offer a lot of opportunities for DRAWING in the way I like to draw--stuff, things, shapes, forms, etc.

To soften the tedium of the Fastness drawing, I've been trying to fill a few hours before studio time with a walk/bike ride around Williamsburg. It's a new neighborhood so there is plenty for me to figure out. I've long been a Henry Miller fan(atic) and this summer I just finished rereading Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch. Inevitably, he mentions his childhood in Williamsburg. So I did a little internet research and quickly found that Miller lived at 662 Driggs . . . which is maybe a ten minute walk from here. I shot this photo yesterday on the way to the studio. I think it nicely compliments my boring photo of one of Max Beckmann's home here in the city near Union Square back in 2009. I found the address for Miles Davis's townhome on the UWS . . . I'll probably get up there sometime in the next few weeks to snap a boring photo of that as well. (Odd, somehow, that three of my biggest influences in my 20s lived here in the city--Miller, Miles and Beckmann. Well, probably not that odd.)

In searching the internet, I found this fan-blog on Miller--the Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company--with a informative post on 662 Driggs.

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