Sunday, March 04, 2012

The 1,000th Post

I've been posting on this blog for just under 6 years--I started in July 2006 when the studio was getting shaped into the a usable space. (Admitted, I have taken a few dozen posts from 2003/04/05 from other defunct sites, backed-dated them and posted them here.) I used to write more--a hell of a lot more--but that's fallen off in the last few years. Once I realized that my main visitors to this site were the googlebots I gave the writing a rest.

Blah blah. This is the latest finished drawing, The King of Smothered Rainbows. I finished it today and then stained the paper with tea to "age" it. Etc.

Not sure what is coming next.


Lisa said...

Awesome. I wish I had time to read more of it! Wahh. Too much childrens!

beebe said...

Luckily, I don't write much anymore. It's mostly a looky blog at this point. AND WHY ISN'T MY BLOG MORE IMPORTANT THAT YOUR CHILDRENS?

John Evans said...

This is quite an accomplishment. The family tree, and the blog.

beebe said...

Thanks, John. I am a slowing rolling train with inevitable momentum. (I'm not sure what that means.)