Saturday, March 10, 2012

Uncles of the Horned Rovers Clans

The next drawing is going to be a chart (inspired by these images posted on the always amazing Monster Brains blog) of various "uncles" of the Horned Rovers clans. Here is a scrap of text regarding the Uncles from The Coarselands Codex by Bashfat the Archivist:

"The author now feels he must reveal pertinent information before progressing further. Most of intelligence on these great creatures comes from the dairies and accounts of Phacops Attaboise--a notoriously sanguinary explorer and self-proclaimed (and, no doubt, singularly unqualified) anthropologist who spent many years wreaking havoc in the Coarselands, and executed much of his research with a pistol in one hand and a blade in the other. It is widely understood that the individual Rovers are assiduously proud and, if opportunity allows, will commit self-murder if capture appears imminent. Therefore any information obtained from an captive Rover is likely tinctured by contempt and is possibly even utterly false. However, as little information exists outside of these questionable accounts, I will present it in its entirety.

" . . . it is understood that every clan--notwithstanding be they Sulligis or Beshkar (and quickly bewildered are those who attempt to comprehend the difference between these hoards of behorned savages)--counts amongst its number a singular, deeply revered entity which is known, in their parlance, as an 'Uncle'--a dismayingly casual honorific considering the supposed veneration in which these chimaera are held. These bizarre, hybrid beasts--which are exclusively male--rarely engage in the unending skirmishes between the battling tribal factions (though, due to the considerable bulk and armament of these Uncles, there is little doubt they would prove to be singularly deadly if they chose to enter combat.) Rather, these Uncles appear to fulfill a function that is closer to clan advisor or historian, guiding each clan through warfare and dispensing sagacity on less fatal matters. These creatures are also rumored to possess a mild form of prescience and possess a lifespan that can span several centuries. Nothing is known of their procreative habits . . . "

You can see a few more uncles here, here and here.

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