Saturday, May 05, 2012

Hermitage Artist Retreat: Day 11

Kind of a slow day in the studio today. Got some work done on a grid of magic wands based on some sketches I did on a plane last September--I was going to Lubbock with Sangeeta for a wedding. I took a break around 6p to kayak around the lagoon across the road with fellow resident, Elizabeth Wong. We saw an osprey make a few efforts to skim mullet out of the water and also witnessed a dolphin splashing around in the shallow.

I was in the studio late last night (not working so much as listening to music) and I left around 1:30a to head back to the house. I noticed the motion detector lights were on so I snuck up to the corner of the building and took a look--two large raccoons were poking around. I can't stand those varmints to I tried to shoo them off by flapping a door mat at them . . . they were suitably unimpressed and didn't move until I whipped a few clam shells at them. Tonight in the same spot, I found a few stick insects doing it like the goddamn whores that they are.

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