Thursday, May 03, 2012

Hermitage Artist Retreat: Day 9

Finished up this drawing of Yoshphet and the banner of the Ruby Crab.

Yesterday, I got one of the Hermitage bikes back in running order--a new inner tube and some WD40 on the salt-air corroded chain and gears. I rode south a few miles to Stump Pass State Park, locked up and spent an hour or so walking the beach. I collected just a few shark's teeth and saw the desiccated, picked over carcass of some large fish. Back on the bike to the section of road with the restaurants and stores. Picked up a four pack of PBR tall boys (cheap!) at the Circle K and had lunch at a place called The Lock and Key--a delicious fried oyster po' boy and a giant Yuengling. The place was nice and the waitress lady extra nice but the music was atrocious . . . I had to sit through a live version of Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville (a version in which the audience shouts "SALT! SALT! SALT!" after that line about the lost shaker of salt) and several light country songs about sexy girls doing summertime yoga in the back of a pickup truck or whatever. Saddled back up and rode back to the Hermitage and got to work.

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