Friday, June 29, 2012

City of Sociopaths 06.29.12

Finally, I think I solved the problem of what the buildings should look like for the City of Sociopaths. When I started the Chicago map last summer, I was looking at two sources--the late 18th c. Horwood map of London and the 1739 Turgot map of Paris. I loved the style of the Paris map--the detail on each of the buildings is enthralling--but I ended up emulating the simplicity (relative to Turgot's work) of the London map. I just didn't feel up to the challenge for working from such a complicated model.

Well, I guess I feel more confident now. The Chicago map--working a regular 8-ish hour day, 7 days a week--took roughly four months to finish. So this drawing is going to take forever. The     quarter is for scale. The full image gives you an idea of what lies ahead.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

That was a brief darkness. I KNEW I would do this. Fuck.

Lymouthian Lobster Priest. 7" x 10.25"

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Going Dark

I don't think I'll be posting here for a while. I'm tired of posting these small, incremental updates on drawings that take weeks and months to finish--I look at this blog as a visitor and this endeavor seems tedious to me; I'm also no longer waxing as verbose as I did two or three years back. Finally, after six years of posting here a few times a week, I get maybe 10-15 hits a day. Very few of these visits are from regular readers, mostly random people landing on the site from Google searches on graph paper, wood grain drawings, trilobites, megalodons, etc.

So I'll be back at some point. Maybe. We'll see.